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Trust the experts at Store House Storage to keep your valuables safe!

Maximum Security Storage in Texas

Each of our eight locations around Texas is built to be as secure as possible!

At Store House Storage, we know you’re not storing anything if you don’t care about it.

Whether it’s expensive, useful, or just has sentimental value, we take the security of your items seriously.

Each of our storage facilities is built with a single entry point, so we can control who comes in and out of the facility.

Our tenants are issued a unique gate code, too, so we know who is on the property and when!

Of course, we have dozens of premium security cameras that are always recording - this discourages unwelcome visitors from even attempting to cause trouble.

Choose the Store House Storage facility near you and get started renting today to get secure storage at competitive rates!

Top-Notch Security Features

Store with confidence at our state-of-the-art self storage facility

24/7 Surveillance

Our high-quality cameras are always on, always recording, and always watching out for your storage units! These cameras help deter thieves and vandals from even trying.

On-Site Security

At Store House Storage, we’ve always got a manager on-site during office hours. This lets us respond to problems as soon as they happen, unlike a fully remote facility.

Fortress-Style Construction

Security begins with the building. Each Store House Storage facility is built with a single entry and exit point, so we can monitor and control who enters the facility at all times.

Unbeatable Security

See what makes us the best choice for your prized possessions

  • HD surveillance
  • 24/7 recording
  • Unique gate codes for each tenant
  • Fortress-style facilities
  • Security gate access
  • Tenant insurance available
  • Secure online payment options

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