Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Waco

Keep your belongings in the best environment

Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

There are three scenarios when climate-controlled storage units make the most sense

Long-Term Storage Solutions

If you plan to store for more than just a few months, a climate-controlled self storage unit is the best bet for most belongings.

Sensitivity to Extreme Temperatures

Texas can go from very hot to very cold. Some items don’t do well in one or both of those conditions! Climate-controlled units are best in this case.

Sensitivity to Temperature Fluctuations

Some items can also be damaged by rapid fluctuations in temperature. The changes from hot to cold to hot to cold can lead to warping and cracking if not protected by a climate-controlled unit.

Our Climate-Controlled Storage Facilities

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Items That Benefit from Climate Control in Waco

Here are some of the types of items that do best in a climate-controlled storage environment

  • Clothing & bedding
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Instruments
  • Collectibles
  • Documents

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